September 3rd - 8th 

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Dates &


Saturday, September 1

  • Summer Meetings
    • Marriott Waterside, 8AM

Sunday, September 2

  • Summer Meetings
    • Marriott Waterside, 8AM
  • Registration
    • ​Marriott Waterside, Noon - 6PM
      • ​​Valid ID is Required

Monday, September 3

  • Registration
    • ​Marriott Waterside, 9AM - 3PM
      • ​​​​Valid ID is Required
    • ​Curtis Hixon Park, 5PM - 8PM
      • ​​​Valid ID is Required
  • Managers Meeting:
    • Marriott Waterside, 2PM @ Salon 8
  • Opening Ceremony
    • ​Curtis Hixon Park, 5-10PM

Tuesday, September 4 – Thursday, September 6 

  • Registration
    • ​All Fields, Beginning @7AM
      • Valid ID is Required
    • Registration Closes after the First Pitch of Double Elimination for Each Respective Division.
      • Expected Closing Times on Thursday:
        - A Division:   8:50PM
        - B Division:   7:50AM
        - C Division:   7:50AM
        - D Division:   7:50AM
        - All Masters: 1:15PM

  • Competition 
    • ​Games Begin Daily at 7:50 AM

Saturday, September 8 

  • Closing Ceremony
    • ​Cuban Club, 6-11PM

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Host Hotels

  • Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina
  • Embassy Suites Tampa Downtown Convention Center

Q: What are the Requirements surrounding Hotel Deposit Rebates?
A: To qualify for a refund of the $300 per-team host-hotel deposit refund,

     each team must demonstrate that they have paid for three (3) rooms for five (5) nights each

     – or a cumulative total of 15 room-nights – between September 3 and September 8.

Q: Are there Shuttles from the Host Hotels to the Various Fields?

A: Shuttles are not provided to the venues. Transportation to the fields is a responsibility of the participants.

  • All the Fields are a +/-30 Minute Drive from the Host Hotels - (time of day & traffic conditions notwithstanding).  

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  • Ed Radice Sports Complex
  • Dick Greco Softball Complex
  • ​Eddie C. Moore Softball Complex
  • New TampaSoftball Complex
  • ​Randy Larson Softball Complex

Q: Are any of the Fields Artificial Turf?

A: No. All of the Field Complexes are Clay Infields with Grass Outfields.

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Field Assignments

Visit our FIELDS Page for Divisional Field Assignments for Pool Play

  • Tuesday, Sept 4 & Wednesday, Sept 5 (for B, C, & D Divisions)
  • Wednesday, Sept 5 & Thursday, Sept 6 (for A & Both Masters Divisions).



This is the question everybody really wants to know: Which other teams are in our pool?

Currently, this information is scheduled to be released no later than 2pm on Sunday, September 2nd. Why? Because NAGAAA recently began determining pool play assignments, in part, by consider each teams' total rating -- and rosters are not "locked" until noon on Saturday. Only then can pool play assignments be determined.

NAGAAA is working very hard to accelerate the selection of the pool play assignments -- and they will let you know as soon as possible if they're going to do so. This is some of the most anticipated information leading up to World Series, and they're working hard to bring you this information as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 4

  • B, C, & D Divisions:     [Beginning @7:50 AM]

Wednesday, September 5

  • B, C, & D Divisions:     [Beginning @7:50 AM]
  • A & Masters Divisions: [Beginning @7:50 AM]


Visit myGSWS.Comfor Schedule

*Schedule Available After 2PM on Sunday, Sept 2nd



Thursday, September 6

  • B, C, & D Divisions:     [Beginning @7:50 AM]
  • A & Masters Division:   [APPROX @1:00 PM]

Q: May I play in Double Elimination games if I did not play in Pool Play?

A: Yes, but you Must Be Registered before the Start of Double Elimination Games in your Division.

Visit myGSWS.Com for Schedule
*Schedule Available After 2PM on Sunday, Sept 2nd


Q: When may Commissioners begin submitting World Series Rosters?
A: July 16

Q: When are World Series Rosters Due?
A: No later than 11:59 Pacific Time on August 15, 2018


Q: Can I bring my own bats?  What bats will we be using?

A: We will use the pick-­a-­stick format.

  • Both teams will pick from the same bucket of bats provided.
  • The provided bats are the same as those used in the 2017 GSWS.
  • No Bats, Other than those Provided by the Tournament (Model Names Listed Below)​:

  1. DeMarini Legacy (balanced) 25oz, 26oz, 27oz and 28oz.
  2. DeMarini Future (end-­loaded) 25.5oz, 26.5oz, 27.5oz and 28.5oz



Q: Can I pick up players from outside of my League/Association?
Teams may add up to four players from outside of their member association for

     Masters Divisions only with the following exception:

  • Member associations sending only one team total (across all divisions) may add up to four players from any other member association so long as all other player/team eligibility requirements are met.
    • This rule is designed to assist smaller leagues (less than 10 teams) who may need assistance from outside of their league to fill an open-­roster team.

For more information, Contact NAGAAA 

Assistant Commissioner Jeff Card



Q: What if I played in more than one NAGAAA Member League?  

     How do I know for which league I qualify to play in the GSWS?

A: Players who play in more than one league must declare in which league he or she intends to qualify for the
     GSWS at the first registration of the league in which he or she plays. Unless otherwise officially       

     documented, the player’s home association is considered his or her qualifying league.

Q: How do I get my Hotel Deposit money back?
A: You must present the (NAGAAA) Treasurer with copies of your Hotel Receipt

     from the Host Hotels showing you met the minimum requirement.

Q: Will there be water and ice at the fields?
A: Yes. NAGAAA providers coolers in each dugout and our volunteers keep the coolers stocked with ice and water all week long.

Q. Can we bring personal or team coolers to fields?
A: NAGAAA does not allow coolers within the boundaries of the perimeter of the softball fields. Feel free, however, to store coolers in your vehicles to access as needed.

Q: Will there be alcohol sales at the softball venues?
A: At some. We'll have alcohol sales at Radice, Greco, and Larson fields, including Coors Light and Tito's vodka drinks.  These softball venues don't typically allow alcohol sales -- ever. Plus, the fields this year sit within the jurisdiction of many various cities and counties. It's never easy, but it was especially complicated making it happen this year. But they did! And when you get a chance, you should thank the local Tampa team for their hard work and persistence in offering this as part of the players' experience.

  • Click Here for More Information about Purchasing Drink Tickets
  • Click Here for more information about Purchasing Beer Mugs

Q: Will there be food and beverage concessions at the fields?
A: Yes. There will be food and beverage available for purchase at each of the softball venues. There will be more detailed information at the Managers Meeting.


This FAQ document is intended to provide answers for Frequently Asked Questions and not intended as a comprehensive document. 

NAGAAA reserves the right to make changes to dates and times listed above as needed.
>>> Official Dates & Times for Events & Games will be Published after 2PM on Sunday, September 2nd <<<